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Short selection of cybersecurity methods and some places to go.

  • Drone shield
    Drone shield

    Trial set-up: Drone approach alert, take control or RF disruption. HW: DJI mini 2, HackRF One, Pixel 7, … SW references: Drone shield commercial; military Drone jamming or spoofing is ilegal, only reviewed for study purpose in relation to defend company/private property under illegal recognition activity via drone. . Legal issues with counter drone tech

  • Data breach 2022

    Verizon Report IBM Report HAI Report

  • Wireshark & CyberChef
    Wireshark & CyberChef

    Easy setup. Investigate Wifi local area and hotspot traffic (e.g. honeypot hotspot). Wireshark traffic logs, filter, decrypt. To perform whitehat pentests.

  • IoT pentest via hackRF and Gnuradio
    IoT pentest via hackRF and Gnuradio

    Set-up end-to-end is complex (here in Parrot Security OS and generic hackRF HW) Recon and Pentest of the growing number of connected devices many with weak security (Car, house radio-keys, RF tags etc.). Basic home or biz pentest: List critical devices and frequency ranges, activate/trigger device and record for post-processing. Security may be OK or […]

  • Lake Ashi
    Lake Ashi
  • Recon Solr (DB) Nutch (spider)
    Recon Solr (DB) Nutch (spider)

    Set-up medium+ complex (here in Parrot Security OS – Debian Linux distribution). Allows for crawl list of URL’s on flexible depth level with sophisticated keywords, generating crawl results in the Solr DB for subsequent analysis, analytics or export to graphic tools. Publish in dynamic Web site. Nutch tutorial

  • Phishing-catcher

    Business can anticipate coming phishing attacks via regular run of the .py script scanning with keyword (e.g. company URL string) new certificat registrations. Then block in firewall and mailing systems. Easy set-up, here in Parrot Security OS (Debian Linux distribution) Source download source and run: pip install -r requirements.txtconfigure/edit: suspicious.yaml and external.yamlrun via: ./ Seems […]

  • Sitges

    Sitges 20 km south of Barcelona airport

  • Chainsaw

    Fast primary check if your Windows OS based device is compromised, hacked. Automated (event) log search. Define search string (error) based on threat information or define pattern in rules directory. Easy set-up in Windows OS Github source Sample after install: chainsaw hunt rules C:\Windows\System32\winevt\Logs chainsaw search error C:\Windows\System32\winevt\Logs chainsaw search < Audit Failure > -i […]

  • Saint-Cyprien

    Welcome to the site where outdoor experiences are gathered in a pretty loose manner! 66750 Saint-Cyprien